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A concept robots blog depicting the world's best concept robots artwork in digital 2D and 3D three dimensional space along with conceptrobots multimedia animation animated loops with sound.

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    Military robotics by our friend David Sunoo.

    Keywords: concept robots based on geographical military uniform styles cyborg 2d digital concept art by david sunoo red engine design studio

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  • 11/06/13--10:46: Concept robots by Jessie Lam
  • Robot art by our friend Jessie Lam.

    Keywords: concept robots by professional concept artist jessie lam portfolio samples

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    Fresh new work by our friend duster132. Spaceship art.

    Keywords: concept robots walking military gun machines mechanical robot warrior military fighting concepts by duster132 nivanh chanthara concept artist

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    Robot and robot suits by our friend Igor Bulygin.

    Keywords: concept robots military gun machines mechanical robot warrior battle mech suit fighting concepts by igor bulygin cghub sample portfolio concept artist

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    Super sick ROBOT turntables by Jacob Earl.

    Keywords: concept robots military gun machines mechanical robot warrior battle mech suit fighting rotating flash turntable concepts by jacob earl concept artist

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    Robot art by our friend Thomas Pringle. Thomas'spaceship art.

    Keywords: concept robots machines mechanical droid factory battle mech suit concept art by thomas pringle

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    Concept mech by our friend Giorgio Grecu.

    Keywords: concept digital art design mech mecha walking robot droid concept by giorgio grecu shardbook

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    Fresh new concept art by our good friend Matt Tkocz. Check out Matt on conceptships.

    Keywords: digital concept bullfrog mountain rescue droid walking robot turntable model illustration design art by concept artist matt tkocz portfolio samples from

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    Concept military and police robots by our friend Mathieu Lamble. Check out Mathieu's DRONE!

    Keywords: digital concept military swat police robotics illustartion design droid cyborg autonomous weapons illustration art by concept artist mathieu morse lamble

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    Robot design by our friend Emerson Tung.

    Keywords: digital concept heavy road construction caterpillar super road bomber transforming vehicle robot illustration by emerson tung image portfolio sample from emerson

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    Various robot concepts by Daniel Hahn.

    Keywords: digital concept robotics concept robot art illustration design by automotive designer daniel hahn bmw industrial design artist portfolio samples datoner

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    Concept robots by our friend David Correa for Is This Heaven.

    Keywords: is this heaven digital concept robotics concept robots art illustration design by david correa sample images from portfolio site

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    Concept robots by Thomas Oates.

    Keywords:walking gun missile mech tech robot render design illustration a.w.p. automated weapons platform mechanical military automated fighting drone droid by thomas oates

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    Robot art by our friend Young-il Shim.

    Keywords: military robotics concept art by concept ui artist young-il shim large swat mech type digital illustration mechanical large gun weapon purpose

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    Our friend Michael writes: Hello Concept Robots,
    First of all, thank you for keeping me inspired for so many years through school and especially working as a professional!

    Secondly, I have just been given permission to show some Transformers 4 work and I thought you guys might be interested. Unfortunately, I can't show the original vehicles yet but I can say that I did them through Polaris Industries, one of my main clients who I contract for. I do industrial design/transportation design for them primarily. They were going to try to get a few vehicles in the movie but I don't know what happened. I had a ton of fun though. I hope I can get into more entertainment stuff like this.

    Overall I tried to show as much Polaris as I could: exposing shocks and linkages, using roll-cages and vehicle structure, aggressive/colorful forms floating over blacked-out mechanical parts. These bots would be small at 8-10ft max because the vehicles that they are based on are small.

    This was based on a new version of Polaris RZR makes which reminds me of an angry little gorilla in that it is small but extremely tough with its performance/handling and styling. It was only fitting to make it into one. The transformation is fairly simple: the hood becomes the chest, the wheels become fists and shoulders, the fenders become muscle elements on the thigh and biceps areas, the trailing arms become femurs, the roll cage stays where it is. I figure this would be an Autobot.

    This was an alternative to the red angry gorilla design but based on the same vehicle. It is loosely inspired by Demolishor. Trying to keep the same feeling as the gorilla but not so organic (more deception-feeling) so I made it into more of a small tank, armed to the teeth, with an all terrain attitude. For this complex transformation the wheels merge into one "track", the hood and face move into the center with the eyes hanging out on the side to see around the track, the rear fenders become rocket pods and the suspension becomes the inner structure.

    This one is a new road-based vehicle that Polaris will release shortly. I tried to make this one contrast the other two by being faster-looking, lighter and using blade weapons. I think it could pass for a Deception or Autobot. The transformation is simple, the front rims become the blades on the hands, the hood becomes the chest, a rear vent feature becomes a hood, the funky drivetrain becomes the spine and "leg".

    Keywords: transformers 4 four concepr transforming vehicle robot art by professional industrial designer michael hritz polaris industries

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    Our friend Michael Hritz.

    Keywords: concepr transforming vehicle robot art by professional industrial designer michael hritz polaris industries

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  • 10/09/14--15:24: TAFFYBOT by Vaughan Ling
  • New piece by our good friend Vaughan Ling. Check out HEAVYPOLY.

    Keywords: concept robot mech organic bio-mechanical render illustration design by vaughan ling visual development artist at warner bros. animation

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  • 10/14/14--09:51: Concept art from PLUG
  • Scored a bunch of concept art from David Levy's short film PLUG which is premiering at Gnomon School of Visual Effects on Saturday, October 25th . If you are in the Hollywood area and would like to check it out and hang with some talented artists and like-minded folks, I strongly suggest you RSVP!

    Keywords: futuristic robot droid cyborg movie premiering at gnomon school of visual effects in hollywood plug short film produced by david levy aka vyle senior concept artist ender's game prometheus the thing tron legacy

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  • 10/24/14--15:33: Concept robots by Michal Kus
  • High resolution concept robot art by Michal Kus.

    Keywords: concept art junta saw walker high resolution definition robot illustrations portfolio image sample

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  • 10/27/14--15:27: Concept robot by Mike Hill
  • Concept robot by

    Keywords: heavy unit design walking concept robot mech illustration digital painting by kike hill portfolio image sample

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